Annual Meeting

Meeting Invitation

Dear Colleagues:

While the last two years have been a strain on us all, especially those heading departments and attempting to navigate the shifting regulations and expectations during the pandemic, the CCUBC has maintained a vibrant and engaged community. Nevertheless, I’m hopeful that 2022 will see the end of the pandemic stage of COVID19 and we’ll all be able to return to our normal activities.

The CCUBC is represented by universities from across Canada. For those current members of the CCUBC, I hope you continue to participate and contribute to the networking and leadership development opportunities that we offer. For those that are not yet members or have not participated in a few years, we hope that you’ll be able to join us in 2022. To encourage a wider participation, the CCUBC Executive Committee decided to waive the faculty portion of the membership fees for 2022 and only collect the departmental fees of $65. We hope that this will be an incentive for new members to join us at our annual meeting in November in Halifax .

The November CCUBC meeting is a highlight of the year.  It is a chance to discuss a range of leadership, policy, and other issues important to biology departments across Canada. It is a perfect way to network and to gain insights into the challenges we all face as Chairs. Plus, it’s a great couple of days that is both fun and informative.

More program information and the meeting dates will be posted on the meeting pages as soon as the dates and the program are confirmed. If there are any questions about the meeting, program, registration, or more general questions about CCUBC please get in touch with Mrs. Wafaa Antonious, CCUBC Secretariat:

I wish you all a great Year and I look forward to seeing you in November 2022 (hopefully in person!).

Dion Durnford
CCUBC Presidentz
Department of Biology
UNB Fredericton